Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 7 - A whole lot of nothing!

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We decided to visit Penarth for the first time since we moved to South Wales. Aside from the afternoon being dull and overcast, there ain't all that much to it; well down at the seafront anyway. The pier walk itself seems to have been slightly renovated but the building at the entrance to the pier is in need of some TLC. And other than that, it's a small pebbly beach and not much else. Still, at least we can cross it off our to-do list. With the dull light, and the day being grey and overcast, there weren't many possibilities for capturing a shot for the day. I tried a few things that weren't very interesting at all. The only one that worked in any way was todays picture of the day. A depth of field picture with some framing thrown in for good measure. The best of a bad bunch.

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