Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 13 - Friday the 13th!

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So it's only the second Friday of the year and already we have a Friday 13th! It's been a mixed bag of days. Work was....... erm, so-so. Drive home was quicker than normal. Then we've just been to see a tough watch film and the cinema and roads home were practically deserted, quite unusual for that time of a friday evening. I've come home to realise I haven't taken a picture at all today. So out comes the camera and the decision about what to take a picture of. Well, I'd bought a bunch of flowers with the few bits we picked up on the way home and the bunch included my favourite flower, freesias. I was first introduced to them by my mother-in-law and consequently had her include them in my flowers that she kindly did for our wedding nearly 2 years ago. They are the most fragrant flower I've ever come across and if you could smell a picture, a picture of freesias would be one of the best.

However, this picture isn't the best but I thought I should include some bad ones in the blog as well as good ones. There is quite a short depth of field in the picture but camera shake is quite evident due to my laziness in not pulling out the tripod to take the picture. I guess there's going to be the good, the bad and the ugly in this blog as the year progresses!


  1. Freesias are my fave too!

    I'd like to disagree wholeheartedly & say that pic is fabulous. There's real warmth in it but you can still see how delicate the flower is. Love.

  2. Cheers Sue. Nice to get feedback on pics :)

    But I'm sure I can take better once the blog and picture-taking habit is in full swing. Have decided that January is all about getting into the habit of the blog and once that happens (and the evenings get lighter) we plan to try and put a bit mroe structure into the pics... well here's hoping lol!