Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 16 - Novelty hole puncher?

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As myself and my hubby, who is also doing a 366 blog, progress with the habit of taking a picture a day and putting it on our respective blogs, we decided that come the end of January, when hopefully the habit is well and truly formed, we should start to put some structure into our photography for our blogs. So we've both been researching ideas and making lists of things we want to try each week/month such as doing a week of depth-of-field shots, concentrating on composition for a week, doing a week of taking pictures in black and white only, to name but a few examples. We then thought it would be a good idea to chart down on a calendar what we plan to do and when, including the various trips we have already booked for the year to give us some focus. With that in mind I ordered a very nice calendar with pictures of reflections so that we could a) start to formulate a plan and b) that the pictures would serve as inspiration to keep us going throughout the year. Well said calendar arrived today but not quite in one piece. Firstly, the postman bent the cardboard envelope it was housed in in half to fit it through the letter box. Not a huge disaster. However, the calendar did not quite escape the wrath of the Black Beast! She must have taken a dislike to the postman shoving it through the door (possibly on top of her as she likes to lie behind the front door at times), and the result of incurring her wrath was todays picture. There are several teeth marks on the back of the calendar and one particular set have almost gone straight through the whole calendar in one corner. Thanks Tia!

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