Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 9 - All bets are on!

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Almost three years ago, the owner of the company I work for bought an empty manufacturing warehouse with the intention to turn it into the new Global headquarters of the company and combine all Wales/UK sites, apart from our London office, into one big building, purposely fitted to meet the growing needs of the company. At the time, we were informed that the refit to convert the building from a warehouse to a building with offices, laboratories, workshops and large testing rooms would take 3-6 months and by Christmas 2009 we would have moved up a junction on the M4 from our current building. Well as you've guessed by the fact I've said our "current" building we still haven't moved! However, the inside of the building no longer looks like one huge empty warehouse as some of us discovered this morning.
Myself and my laboratory manager, along with a few others from the labs, donned our hardhats and hi-vis jackets, and went to visit the site for the first time in 18 months and what a vast improvement we have seen. My picture for today is of the area that will become the laboratory I will be working in with my manager. That's right, just us two! It's so much bigger than our current pokey little room that we think we may need a megaphone or walkie talkies just to hear each other from across the room. We're considering Segways or rollerskates for getting around the rest of the building too! It will be even more interesting to see if we have actually moved into the new building before the end of this project and if we do, I'll post a picture of the new lab all fitted out. Hence the title for today is "all bets are on"! We've all been betting on when the move will take place and I'm still predicting the far side of Christmas 2012! Watch this space!

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