Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 22 - Zig-zag

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My first attempt at a black and white picture. I decided to try to find something with a pattern and areas of contrast to shoot which I could then convert to black and white in Lightroom to see the effect. I used a preset black and white effect in Lightroom and I think for a first attempt it's not bad.

I quite like black and white photography if it's done right and fully intend to try more throughout this project. I'm also going to be trying B&W during my second photography course which starts next week. While doing some research into this type of project, I came across a photographer who did an entire month of B&W photography during a project 365 and he found it absolutely brilliant in developing his eye to seek out pictures which work in colour and those that work in B&W only. I hope that when I come to do my time in B&W, be it a week or a month, that I get the same benefits as that photographer did.

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