Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 11 - Talking to a Brick Wall........

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Have you ever felt like you're sometimes talking to the wall and anything you say is falling on deaf ears?? Well, lately both myself and my lab manager have been feeling that way, hence the theme of todays picture! It's all to do with the 'move' as mentioned in previous posts. But, I'm not going to go into a rant.

However, upon thinking about what I was going to take for todays picture, and after looking at the wall and thinking "ah ha", I also thought it was time to think about some of the things I've learned during my recent course and to put them into practice, and what do you know, the wall actually fits. Here is an example of composition. You may think how but it is an example of a repeated pattern. Composition (and/or the subject of a picture) can be based on repeated patterns, colours, frame within a frame, rule of thirds, lead-in lines, camera angle, vantage point and depth of field to name but a few. As the days get longer and evenings turn brighter, I have every intention of getting myself and the madra out and about to practice all of these things in order to get shots for the days and to hopefully improve my photography, which is partly what Project 366 is all about!

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