Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5 - The Black Beast

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There are two beasts in my life and I thought I'd introduce you to one of them. Fondly known as the madra (Irish word for dog), our baby and the Black Beast, this term often refers to when she siddles in for a love, either when we're in bed where she hoists herself up on her hind legs and plonks her head down on your chest, or likewise when we're sitting on the sofa. Throughout the course of this project you may see pictures of her but I promise not to go overboard with the dog pictures! She's ex-Thames Valley and KC registered, and while she's a mean Black Beast at necessary times (scaring anyone who knocks on the door), she's also a loving and loyal dog. And anyone who says dogs don't have emotions, or know what love is, is totally WRONG!

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