Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 72 - Church

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I pass this church every evening on my walk with the dog and haven't really paid it much attention except on a Saturday evening or Sunday morning when the bells are ringing and I'm trying to snooze! It has a nice cemetery attached to it and this evening I noticed that behind the church is the older section of the graveyard. Now, I never thought much about graveyards and their photographic appeal but my hubby has taken one or two graveyard pictures and a few of the girls on my first photography course presented some graveyard-based pictures during the 10 week course. It has sparked an interest in me but I'm unsure of the etiquette of picture taking in graveyards. However, this has not stopped me planning a trip to Pere Lachaise when we're in Paris in less than four weeks. My hubby has visited it while he was living in Paris as a young lad but I've never been. There are many famous people buried there but from the pictures I've seen of it, it looks like a wonderful place to take some tasteful pictures.

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