Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 66 - Rust

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In my quest to find things 'industrial' around work for my main project, I came across some reinforcing steel wires (thick ones mind you) from a pipe job that came in a few years back. They actually lend themselves well to being shot in monochrome but importing into Lightroom converts them back to colour. This particular one I really liked as you get a better sense of the age of them in colour than you do with just black and white. It was shot using my macro lens so I could get in close to them and also achieve a shallow depth of field and boy do I have shallow dof! Must say, I'm appreciating my macro lens more and more these days. I think I'll be going back to this pile of wires alot more over the coming days to see what variety of pictures I can get towards my main project. Wish me luck!

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