Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 62 - Darkroom fun!

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So this evening was day 2 of spending time in the darkroom on my course. Last week we had our introduction to producing a print from a negative and this week we continued from there to learn more about controlling exposure and also contrast. I had never before been in a darkroom nor did I know the process, so I was very interested and, being a geek scientist, I made our tutor find out the chemicals for me so I can understand the process behind producing a print.

Todays picture is a combination of pictures. On the bottom right is the print produced by the helpful people at Boots from my roll of film I shot for my course. Top right is the test strip you need to produce first in the darkroom to know how long to expose the light through your negative onto your paper. And, last but not least, left is the actual print I produced after several test strips and plays with exposure and contrast. I've found the darkroom process extremely fun and am planning to book some time to produce some additional prints from my negatives. However, that said I'm not sure I'd change totally from digital to film, although it hasn't put me off maybe considering the Black and White course on film at Ffotogallery for a future course!

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