Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 57 (Colour) - Railings

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This weeks project in the course I'm doing is entitled "Decisive Moment". With that in mind I managed to persuade my hubby to come along to the park this afternoon so I could try to get one or two pictures for my project. With my hubby playing with the dog I managed a few pictures and as we were leaving I decided to get a shot of the railings around the play ground. What I didn't know until my hubby told me afterwards was that there was a group of teenagers a little way up from where I stopped for the picture, and one lad in particular took delight in staring at my behind as I crouched down a little to get the picture. He was properly caught by my husband and in embarrassment tried to look beyond me to make out he was staring at something else! I have to admit we chuckled on our way back home. There's a saying back home for that - Caught Rapid!

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